Wrongful Death

Wrongful death arises out of the negligence or intentional acts of another.  When a family experiences a situation in which a loved one is killed due to the acts or another, it can be both physically and mentally taxing. Often times the last thing on a family’s mind is finding an attorney, let alone the right attorney. However, it is important that if a family member is killed, that his or her family is taken care of.

Generally, a lawsuit for the wrongful death of an individual is brought by a representative of the deceased individual’s estate. Sometimes this can mean a spouse bringing a claim on behalf of a deceased spouse or a parent bringing a claim on behalf of a deceased child. Each situation is unique when it comes to a wrongful death lawsuit.

Nonetheless, recovery from a wrongful death lawsuit can be crucial to financially assist the deceased individual’s family. Those representing the deceased individual’s estate can seek damages for pain and suffering (prior to the individual’s death), medical costs (up to the individual’s death), loss of future income, loss of consortium, and funeral and burial costs, to name a few.

When a loved one passes away under such circumstances finding the right attorney can be a difficult task. In wrongful death situations, people often have no idea who to turn to first to find the best fitting attorney.  MB Legal Consultants can help facilitate this process by helping match you with one of our hand-selected, vetted attorneys.