Truck Accidents / 18 Wheeler Wrecks

While car accidents are the main automobile accidents on the road, trucks and 18 wheelers are another leading cause of automobile accidents.

Atlanta and the surrounding area have numerous Truck and 18 Wheeler accidents a year. 

Truck and 18 Wheeler accidents range from driver inexperience, to improper lane shifting, fatigued or distracted driver, and speeding or cargo overload that contributes to an accident.

18 Wheeler and truck accidents are likely to be more significant and harmful accidents and may cause more damage than most automobile accidents.

It is imperative after any sort of truck and 18 wheeler accident to follow these steps: 

  1. Determine your health condition: If you feel like you are immediately hurt and need help, call 911 for medical attention.
  2. Document all the details of the accident: Take pictures of the scene and vehicles and see if any witness stopped and get their information so you have a witness source.
  3. Ask for driver’s insurance card: Make sure to ask and copy down the other party’s insurance card so that you have record of their insurance. Having this information will make it easier to contact the right party for the remedies you are owed. 
  4. Call 911 for police report: You will need to call the police to file the official report. 
  5. Choosing an attorney to sue the insurance company: If you are affected physically or emotionally from the accident, choosing an attorney can be a stressful and confusing time. The majority of people don’t know a personal injury attorney, just what they have seen on TV or Billboards.  We help you find an attorney by already doing the work for you and providing you a list of attorneys to contact based on your accident and questionnaire form that you filled out online.